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Beyond providing the best and cleanest burning candles and home fragrances to you, our customers, Glad Dog was created from a passion to help shelter animals live their best lives while waiting for their forever families to find them. For every item sold we donate a meal to an animal at a shelter. In some cases, we approach the shelter and ask them of things they need and if food is not one of them we get supplies they are low on instead. While it can vary some items include treats, animal beds/blankets, collars and leashes, toys, cleaning supplies, food bowls, etc. 


Our candles are hand-mixed and poured into 8 oz glass jars with wood lids or white hobnail jars. Each scent is a unique blend of natural essential oils and/or synthetic (non-toxic) fragrance oils.

Coconut wax is eco-friendly and burns cleanly at a cooler/slower rate than soy wax, which means your candle will last longer.

We use wood wicks that are sourced and manufactured in the USA from FSC-Certified mills in our 8 oz candles.

A double natural cotton wick that is both zinc and lead-free in our 16 oz. white vintage hobnail jars. 

The 8 oz. candles are 3.5" tall and 3" in diameter, weighing just less 1 lb.


We offer wholesale pricing to brick and mortar stores only, we do not allow online resale of our products unless prior permission. 


We will replace items that are damaged during shipping, but require a photograph of the items for insurance claims. Please contact us within 72 hours of receiving your order.


Have a specific wholesale question or prefer to order via email? No problem! Contact us at

Most orders will arrive within 5-7 days of shipment. Orders that are close enough to be hand-delivered will include a small handling fee.